Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Accomplishments of Our Leaders

The Extended Remarks section of the Congressional Record has long been a sort of depository for the random tributes, self-promotions, and obsessions of our elected officials. As such, it's sometimes valuable in determining what's going through the empty-seeming heads of our politicians, and the things that really get their motors running. The Hon. Gary C. Peters reveals one of his great accomplishments, on the occasion of celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Michigan Lottery:

As a former Commissioner of the Michigan Lottery, this milestone is one that I view with a personal point of pride. While serving as Lottery Commissioner, I was pleased to implement a new innovative game, Club Keno, which spurred growth by offering participants the chance to play a fun, fast and action-oriented game that could yield up to a $100,000 prize off just a single $1 bet.

In this era of class warfare, it's odd to see a Democrat celebrate an indirect but efficient tax on the poor and middle class, that frankly targets people who might have a gambling problem. But, hey, I guess if you get more revenue for government, you are a hero of the working class, even when you are busy extracting money from the working class.

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