Monday, December 10, 2012

Bad Art from Baltimore

Though the nation may be headed towards fiscal Armageddon, the Middle East may be heading to Armageddon , and official Washington is fixated on the idea that the Republicans Must Raise Tax Rates On The Wealthy Or All Doom Will Be Their Fault, there is still space for whimsy in the pages of the Congressional Record. Too bad it is wasted on Bad Art.

I realize it is bad form to speak ill of the dead, even if you are from Cleveland, and the subject is the man who loved a new stadium more than the city that made him wealthy. But when a poem that can un-ironically declare:
When, in came riding on a white horse to stake his claim. Was a man of such a great heart . . . as Modell was his name! And Baltimore may have lost their name, but in the end regained a team . . . As Art said, quote The Raven . . . about losing your team . . . it won't happen ``Never More!''
Then it is time for exposure, mockery, and wonderment at the offensive irrelevancy of Congressional sentiment.

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