Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Harry Reid - The Non-Negotiating Negotiator

Harry Reid again delivers a homily on the fiscal cliff from the Senate floor, showing once again his unrivaled negotiation skills.

First, we offer Boehner a stark choice -- if he keeps his job, he's no patriot:
As my friend, the senior Senator from Missouri, said on the Sunday talkshows, the Speaker has to make a decision whether it is more important to keep his job or to do something about the economy that is in such difficult shape in America. He has to make a choice.
Then we make sure everyone knows what a greedy Capitalist pig he is:
As usual, given the choice between millionaires and billionaires and the middle class, Republicans again sided with the wealthy of this country. 
 And we make it clear how awful simply awful and useless their proposal was:
While their proposal may be serious, it is also a nonstarter. They know any agreement that raises taxes on the middle class in order to protect more unnecessary giveaways to the top 2 percent is doomed from the start. It will not pass.
A person who uses language like that does not want a deal. He wants to see the other party crushed. Well, at least as long as the polling on crushing them is good.

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